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At Stoney Acres Kennels, we are a family owned kennel breeding German Shorthair Pointers for the foot hunter.  Our dogs have been selected for their strong desire, natural ability and pleasing temperaments.  Our home is located in the heart of ruffed grouse and woodcock country in Northern Wisconsin. 

All our dogs have been tested in the NAVHDA system, with three earning Versatile Champion titles.  


2010 has been a very busy year at Stoney Acres Kennels.  We closely followed and often helped in the training of our 2009 litter of pups, Sally trained and tested in her first NAVHDA test, qualifying "Gabby" with Prize I NA, 112 points. Tim spent the summer preparing Java for the 2010 NAVHDA Invitational.  Java earned the Versatile Champion title with the maximum possible score.





In addition to the fall hunting season, Mags had a litter of pups in late November.  This is a repeat of the very successful breeding between Mags and Sharp Shooters Hot Rod (Rev).   Please visit our "Puppies" page for all the details and pictures of pups from the first breeding.








Stoney Acres Kennels

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